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Kimber Solo concealment options

Kimber Solo CDP 9mm Crimson Trace Grips

With my recent purchase of the Kimber Solo CDP, I was eager to see what sort of concealment options would be available. Both my wife and I were planning on carrying the Solo, so I was looking for an inside the waist-band holster (IWB), while she was looking for something more lady-like 🙂

Kimber Solo Holster

Kimber Solo Holster

After looking around the web, I was not able to find may custom holster makers that have Kimber Solo Holsters available, or even in their supported model list; which only further complicated things…

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Installing new grips on your Kimber Pro Carry pistol!

Kimber Pro Carry Factory Grip Replacement

A key feature of most 1911 pistols is having 1911 custom grips installed. It seems that most, if not all 1911 owners have their own custom grips.

Installing new grips on your Kimber Pro Carry 1911 pistol is pretty easy to do and quite self explanatory, I figured I should show  you the steps.

Here I’m starting with a plain Kimber Pro Carry, my daily carry gun.

Kimber Pro Carry Factory Grips

Here you can see the factory rubber grips and blued slotted grip screws

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