Kimber Solo CDP Range Report – notes from the firing line

Kimber Solo CDP 9mm Grouping

I was pretty apprehensive when I purchased my Kimber Solo 9mm, as I’ve heard a lot of horror stories regarding Kimber Solo jams, jamming issues and various other bullet feeding complaints. After shooting several rounds in the back yard without jamming, I figured a trip to the range was needed.

Today I took my new Kimber Solo CDP to the range. I really was not feeling all that up to it, I think I had one to many beers last night 🙂

Anyway, I brought the following loads with me to the range for testing purposes:

  • 124gr Hornady XTP custom factory loads
  • 115gr Hand Loaded Berry’s Plated bullets on top of 6.1gr of Alliant Power Pistol powder
  • 115gr Speer Gold-Dot’s
Hornady 124gr XTP Custom

Hornady 124gr XTP Custom

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How to fix a Kimber Solo when slide locks open after every shot

Kimber Solo Slide Locks Back After Every Shot

Is your Kimber Solo CDP jamming after cleaning? Or did you take it down recently?

Is your slide staying open on your Kimber solo after every single shot? regardless of ammo? 124gr, 115gr, 147gr?

Is your Kimber Solo stuck? Until you hit the slide release?

Most likely, you reassembled the pistol wrong, trust me 🙂

So if you download the Kimber Solo Users Manual Here

Kimber Solo Slide Locks Back After Every Shot

Kimber Solo Slide Locks Back After Every Shot

Press slide stop inward until fully seated and release slide (Figure Above). Be certain that the slide stop has picked up the retention spring located on the frame (Figure Above). Failure to install the slide stop below the spring will cause the slide to lock open while firing.
There is a small slot on the back side of the slide stop, this slot is where the retention spring goes on the slide stop.