Kimber Solo CDP Range Report – notes from the firing line

Kimber Solo CDP 9mm Grouping

I was pretty apprehensive when I purchased my Kimber Solo 9mm, as I’ve heard a lot of horror stories regarding Kimber Solo jams, jamming issues and various other bullet feeding complaints. After shooting several rounds in the back yard without jamming, I figured a trip to the range was needed.

Today I took my new Kimber Solo CDP to the range. I really was not feeling all that up to it, I think I had one to many beers last night šŸ™‚

Anyway, I brought the following loads with me to the range for testing purposes:

  • 124gr Hornady XTP custom factory loads
  • 115gr Hand Loaded Berry’s Plated bullets on top of 6.1gr of Alliant Power Pistol powder
  • 115gr Speer Gold-Dot’s
Hornady 124gr XTP Custom

Hornady 124gr XTP Custom

My first notices upon shooting the new 9mm Solo CDP:

  • Very sharp, snappy recoil; yet very manageable
  • Trigger its very long, especially after sitting down my Kimber Pro Carry and picking up the Solo
  • The Crimson Trace laser grips laserĀ cannot be seen past 5-10′ in bright sunlight
  • The extended 10-round magazine gives a huge amount of additional grip real estate compared to the 6-round magazine.
  • This is oneĀ incredibly accurateĀ pistol!

Overall, I had one jam which was a magazine misfeed, I had incredible accuracy, and damn what a fine pistol!

Here are my groupings:

Kimber Solo CDP 9mm Grouping

Kimber Solo CDP 9mm Grouping

Kimber Solo CDP 9mm Grouping

Kimber Solo CDP 9mm Grouping

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